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A healthy moment in the life of the troop:

Posted by michaeltneff on May 5 2016 - 12:37pm
Troop, a healthy moment is taking place, details below:  After careful consideration of work and family needs, and several years of service, Scoutmaster Brown has tendered his resignation effective this coming Fall.  After which he will continue to serve the troop as an adult leader.  Mr. Brown has been unselfish in giving of his time, talents, and energy as Scoutmaster.   He has been welcoming, encouraging, thoughtful, and protective.  As such, he will facilitate the transition to a new scoutmaster.   At its monthly meeting, May 4th., the troop committee accepted the resignation with understanding and regret.  The committee looks forward to celebrating his term of service at the Fall court of honor.  The committee also reviewed and accepted a candidate for scoutmaster, recommended by Mr. Brown, and vetted by the committee chair and the charter partner.  It is the committee's pleasure to announce Mr. Cothran has agreed to serve as scoutmaster.  A transition plan is underway to help the troop prepare for the change.  Please provide thanks to Mr. Brown for his loyalty.  Please welcome Mr. Cothran to this new role, and continue to encourage one another.   Mr. Neff, committee chair.

Troop - thank you for offering me the opportunity to serve as Scoutmaster of Troop 225 these past years. It has truly been the best position I have held in my Scouting Journey.  Please join me in welcoming Mr. Cothran. He is an Eagle Scout himself, a member of the Order of the Arrow, an Eagle Coach, a highly knowledgeable leader and an avid outdoorsman.  During the summer he and I will work to ensure a smooth transition of duties. Our goal is a completely uninteruppted experience for all of our troop members. If we fall short of this goal, kindly see either of us so that we can remedy any concerns. As Mr. Neff said, I will continue to serve as SM for the present time during this transistion that will be complete no later than the COH at the end of the summer.  My last "Scoutmaster Moment" at a Troop Court of Honor will be on May 16th. Hmmmm... what should I say? How LONG will it be?? Please be sure to attend as we will also be recognizing a record number of Eagle Scouts!  National Jamboree 2017: as many of you know, I have accepted an Adult Leader position for this once-every-4-years experience being held in July 2017. I would be most happy to tell your more about this opportunity as would Mr. Kelly. Thank you! Mr. Brown

FREE SUMMER CAMP: NYLT, National Youth Leadership Training, July 24-29

Posted by michaeltneff on May 5 2016 - 12:09pm

Troop, the best leadership training ever will be offered this summer for FREE!  Yep, if you meet the criteria, the troop will pay you back for attending this training.  Again, the troop will send you to this full week of summer camp at no cost to you and your family.  The course is scheduled for July 24 – 29, 2016. This course is for youth with the following prerequisites: ·At least 13 years old.  At least First Class rank. Currently serving in a troop/crew position of responsibility. · Previous long-term camping experience – full knowledge of basic cooking and knots/lashing very helpful. · Be recommended/approved by Scoutmaster· Participant must attend the full week of training to receive a certificate of completion & reimbursal from the troop. More information can be found at http://camplanoche.com/ - click on Boy Scouts, then NYLT. The direct link to online registration can be accessed here: http://cflscouting.doubleknot.com/event/nylt-2016-sc/1867864.

"Click", the awards are all set for the May 16 Court of Honor.

Posted by michaeltneff on May 4 2016 - 10:54pm

Troop, the time has come & gone to "take a picture" of the awards earned and then present them at the May 16th. court of honor.  You can still advance in rank, advancement happens non stop, the "picture" is only to determine which awards will be presented at the court of honor.  Any advancement after this cut off will be presented at the court of honor in August/September.   The cut off allows time to be prepared for the court of honor, as there a large number of scouts and awards.

Parent Patrol meets this Monday

Posted by michaeltneff on May 4 2016 - 10:07pm

Parent patrol meets this Monday at 7:17 pm during the troop meeting to discuss the details of meals, how they are purchased, how your scout should pay, and what to expect.  This will take place just in time for the next troop campout.  Bring your questions.    One scout from each patrol will become the cook, tasked with purchasing food, and collecting money from each participant.  Come gain in understanding of the process so your scout will be prepared.   

May Campout Registration OPEN!

Posted by MrBrown on May 3 2016 - 11:46am

Our May campout is Horsemanship held on May 13-15.  We are offering 2 choices: 1. Earn the Horsemanship Merit Badge or 2. Go on a Trail Ride if you previously earned the merit badge.  Online Registration is now open and ALL scouts should register online.  Space is limited; first-come, first-served. Deadline is May 9th. See attached flyer for more details.  Attached Waiver Forms and Questionnaire need to be completed by ALL parents.  Questions?  ASM Campout Lead Mrs. Hanusiak at: lisahanusiak@earthlink.net

Horsemanship Campout Registration Open Online

Posted by MrBrown on May 2 2016 - 10:39pm

Online Registration for the Horsemanship Campout is Open.  The dates are May 13 -15 and we are again going to Happy Acres Ranch in Dunnellon.  There are 2 options:  1) Earn the Horsemanship Merit Badge. Cost is $32 for the campout.  Limit 25 scouts, or 2) if you already have this MB, you can go on a Trail Ride. Cost is $45 for the campout. Limit is 15 scouts.  Patrol cooking will take place as usual.  Each scout is responsible for his share of his patrol's food costs.  When registering online, be sure to register for the proper program: Merit Badge or Trail Ride.  Flyer and Waiver form will be coming out soon.

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